How To Clean Dental Supplies

There is so much dental supplies available today from companies like Learning the proper way to sterilize certain pieces of equipment is essential to the safety of your practice and your patients. You must not only clean by your standards, but by the FDA standards and regulations as well.

You can clean your instruments manually or by using assistance form things like a thermal washer dis-infector. Manually cleaning should be done prior to using anything else. The cleaning of dental supplies should be done in a designated area just for this purpose. You can manually clean your instruments with a nylon brush and detergent that doesn’t froth. Scrub each item while immersed in water. Lukewarm water tends to be best for cleaning purposes.

After cleaning manually and with mechanical means you are now ready to dry each item. You can dry each dental product with a designated cloth in which you dispose of afterwards. Having lots of cloths nearby is useful for sterilization.

Once dry, it is time to package the items into sterilization cases. Make sure whichever type of sterilization you choose is medical grade. Package them properly and load them into your designated sterilization unit. You can sterilize in either a steam, chemical or heat process. Most dental practices use heat sterilization. All sterilization equipment needs to be FDA approved so make sure you check the details of your product before purchasing.

Once sterilized, it is time to store your dental instruments in their specific packaging. Once sealed, you cannot open again until use. If any of your packaging is damaged you must clean and sterilize each product again before using them on your patients.

Cleaning each piece of dental equipment is a must and extremely serious to the health of your patients. By not having a good sterilization program in place you will jeopardize your patients and your entire practice. Make sure your practice has a secure sterilization process before your first patient enters your doors.

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